The innovative Blink22 Partnership Program is on the lookout for ambitious startups in need of technical teams - and we're offering our specialist capabilities and support at reduced prices in exchange for a share of equity in the business.

We want to help build killer products we really believe in - could your big idea be one of them?

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Moving founders forward

We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we build with all of our clients - and with the Blink22 Partnership Program, we'll be taking those relationships to the next level.

We'll only partner with startups whose idea and ethos we can really buy into - and whose founders we truly believe in. It means we can trust you with our equity share and you can trust us to develop the best possible product.

And while we take care of the technical work, you can get on with establishing your business.

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An expert team that shares your ambition

Your technical team can make or break your startup. As a Blink22 partner, you'll get a knowledgeable and supportive technical 'arm' to your business; a team of people who care about the project as much as you do - and who actually have skin in the game, just like you.

And because you'll also get a hefty discount on our world-class development services, you can invest more in other crucial areas - such as marketing, operations and accelerating the growth of your business - as you make your vision a reality.

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The BLINK22 difference

With extensive experience developing mobile and web apps for growth-focused startups, Blink22 is the team you need in your corner as you build your vision.

Our design, product management and technical capabilities are second-to-none, meaning we can offer you end-to-end support and advice throughout the build and beyond.

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We've helped countless founders bring their incredible products to life - but don't just take our world for it. Here's what our clients have to say about how we've supercharged their startups...


Within 60 days of launch, the app ranked #9 on all categories combined and #1 in the Business category in the App Store with over 250,000 installs. Developers at Blink22 were highly-proficient, handling all difficult integrations with grace and friendliness.
Rahul KR's Photo

Rahul KRSee full review on Clutch.co

Product Manager, Khatabook

Recently launched, the applications are functioning well and meeting all requirements. The team was responsive throughout the project, meeting most scheduling milestones, and working effectively.
Peter Ruz's Photo

Peter RuzSee full review on Clutch.co

Founder & MD, Carpool Club Pty Ltd

The application is excellent, outperforming the existing iOS version and demonstrating the high quality of the code they produced. The team is proactive, taking the initiative to work quickly, respond fast, and work effectively at all times.
Ignacio Doncel's Photo

Ignacio DoncelSee full review on Clutch.co

CEO, WishYoo

Blink22 has helped to improve development capabilities. They hold themselves to high standards, which has enabled successful collaboration. Upon joining the engineering board, they have augmented resources to help execute the platform.
Helal Ismail's Photo

Helal IsmailSee full review on Clutch.co

Former Head of Engineering, Careem

What differentiates them is that they always provide guidance and support that goes beyond their assigned tasks. It feels like I have a technical co-founder working with me.
Efthimia Mavridou's Photo

Efthimia MavridouSee full review on Clutch.co

Founder, Dataminemail

Skilled professionals who deliver on commitments.
Peter Effeney's Photo

Peter Effeney

Technology Entrepreneur

Blink22 did a really great job. Professional, patient, did everything we agreed upon. They are now my go-to team for mobile apps.
Matija Matvoz's Photo

Matija Matvoz

CEO, Mylpg

Blink22 is building out critical features for a set of native iOS/Android apps. They focus on writing clean, scalable code from given design specs in addition to QA testing and bug fixes. Our efficiency in development time has improved significantly since working with Blink22.
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Victor MimoSee full review on Clutch.co

Product Manager, Flexday


Making It Happen

If you have a promising idea and like the sound of becoming a Blink22 partner, we'd love to hear from you. Simply fill out the application form below and we'll be in touch.