We’re seeking a dedicated Software Engineer with a passion for development and a team-oriented attitude, ready to bring powerful software to life.

Blink22 is a vibrant community of developers working together to create powerful software solutions for clients worldwide. We value open and honest communication with clients and among our team. As a Software Engineer on our team, you’ll build comprehensive, creative software solutions for clients using advanced development technologies. But you won’t do it alone. Our team is experienced and well-versed in every aspect of software development, and we apply dev-friendly processes like Continuous Integration and Code Review to ensure the satisfaction of clients and developers alike.


Required Technical skills:

  • A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • An understanding of data structures, OOP principles, design patterns, and best development practices.
  • The ability to learn new technologies quickly.
  • A basic understanding of web platforms and technologies.

Required Soft skills:

  • Self-learners.
  • Able to thrive working on a fast-paced, creative team.
  • Passionate developers.
  • Great communicators.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently.
  • Analytical problem solvers.
  • Ideal team players because of their technical competence and positive attitudes.
  • Always ready to help troubleshoot, share their knowledge, and learn from others.

Perks & Benefits:

  • Additional accessories for your computer.
  • In-office entertainment and lounge spaces.
  • Weekly team lunches.
  • Access to various educational resources.

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