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Cashbook: The Simplest Way to Manage Your Business Finances

Cashbook by Khatabook is a free, easy-to-use money manager app trusted by over 1 million small Indian businesses. Business owners can use the app to easily manage their daily income, expenses, sales, card transactions, and all other day-to-day transactions and expenses—all in one place.


To continue helping small independent businesses in many industries at scale, Cashbook needed to improve the app's functionality, add new language options, and offer an offline sync option. All without interrupting service or causing performance errors for its existing user base.

To accomplish this, Cashbook needed a finance app development team that could work on a tight deadline and with some restrictions.


To simplify the app development process, Blink22 repurposed some existing logic code from the parent app, Khatabook, and assigned two senior developers to work together. This helped minimize dependencies and conflicts in the code and maximize the overall output.

To address the issue of offline access, Blink22's app developers built a sync module that works on a scheduler to communicate with the server and keep the internal database up to date with the most recent changes.


Cashbook's finance app is available in 14 languages, including RTL options, on Android and iOS.

It's also able to be updated frequently and offers offline syncing without sacrificing the quality of the code or the features.

Now, Cashbook is perfectly positioned to scale without worrying whether the mobile app can keep up.

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