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Fajr Alarm: The Perfect Prayer Companion

The Fajr Alarm app is a simple alarm application that helps practicing Muslims wake up early for Fajr prayers using an Android device. It's the perfect way to get an early start to your day and ensure you're awake to perform your prayers on time.


Because it's often difficult to wake up for Fajr prayers, Blink22 developed an Android alarm clock app that not only wakes you up but makes sure that you stay awake to perform prayers.

But since prayer times vary slightly and Android devices make bypassing silent notification settings for alarms very difficult, this presented a unique challenge for the development team.


Blink22's designers, engineers, and QA engineers collaborated to develop an alarm app that served the basic purpose and was fun to use.

We used the appropriate libraries and packages, like Flutter, to ensure that notifications and alarms arrived on time. We also utilized Android's background execution features to enable the headless execution of dart code effectively.

We also added unique gamification features and animated wallpapers that users can personalize for each prayer and different missions.


The Fajr Alarm app is a beautiful, easy-to-use, and fun alarm clock app that makes life easier—even if you’re not a morning person.

After a successful Product Hunt launch, the app reached over 70k downloads on the Google Play store in the first three months after launch, and continues to maintain over 20k daily active users.

Now people of all ages can practice the Fajr, and all other prayers, on time every day on an Android device. You can also sync prayers to your calendar and plan each day around prayer times.

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