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Flexday: More Flexible Coworking Options

Flexday is a coworking hub and booking app based in Toronto. Their goal is to help remote workers improve productivity and boost morale.

Members can work independently in one of the 50 workspaces or collaborate with a community of over 8,000 other remote employees and freelancers in the area.


To continue supporting the Toronto remote workforce, Flexday needed to integrate new dynamic functions to allow members to schedule and book workspaces on the web, without the mobile booking app.

However, to add new reservation categories to both the web and mobile apps, like private offices and meeting rooms, some dated legacy code needed to be refactored and rebuilt to support the new features.

In addition to the technical challenges, Flexday needed an app development team that could assist with ongoing support, maintenance, and bug fixes while collaborating with in-house teams worldwide.


Blink22's team worked in two phases to update and optimize the mobile booking apps and the Webflow website integration.

The first step was to transition the code base to React Native and speed up the delivery of new and existing functionality.

Moving forward, Blink22 revamped the overall design, payments module, and an Airbnb-like map that allows customers to search, filter, and book workspaces easily from the website.

A custom form integration was also developed to send booking data to an Intercom chat window.


Flexday is now prepared to support a growing population of remote professionals on any device they prefer.

The iOS, Android, and Webflow web booking applications are fast, flexible, and functional, with clean, scalable code. Development time and efficiency have improved significantly since implementation.

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