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Khatabook: Easier Accounting for Small Businesses

Khatabook is an accounting app for small businesses. The app makes day-to-day cash and credit management simple by offering a digital record of transactions and free SMS reminders of money owed. This effectively reduces the time to pay and allows small businesses to recover credits quickly and efficiently, so they can keep doing business without any hiccups in daily operations.


While Khatabook already had a thriving Android accounting app, they realized that there were still a lot of lost opportunities to support those local businesses that prefer Apple products.

The expanded Android and iOS application suite needed the capability for multiple users to send and receive money, sync their progress offline, send automated reminders to customers, and generate reports.

But, the process of developing an iOS application that meets the quality standards of the Khatabook customers and is able to be completed on time and on budget presented a problem.

Plus, the existing Android app had a few bugs that hadn’t yet been worked out, which added another layer of complexity to the project scope.


To solve the problem of the dated Android app and the lack of an iOS app, Khatabook approached Blink22 to head up the project.

To begin, Blink22’s app development team reviewed the platform's backend with KhataBook’s in-house team to determine the best way to develop the new iOS accounting app and build new features for the existing app.

Six expert team members and 15 Scrum sprints were required to keep the project on the right track, including selecting a platform to build the app on, screen design, backend integration, front-end development, and analytics tooling and logging.


With over 10 million iOS application downloads and a solid 4.7 rating on the app store, Khatabook supports more businesses than ever in their daily financial operations. They've been able to help those businesses collect over $25 billion in credit and transactions since the iOS app was launched in November of 2019, with more than $5 billion processed in November 2019 alone.

Not only are they now positioned to overtake their competitors through sheer technical capability, but Khatabook is also gaining a reputation for financial excellence among its customers.

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