Successful delivery through a proven software development process… and a little genius.

End-to-End Software Lifecycle Management

Developing a functional business application is no small feat, and the entire process can often seem overwhelming. That's why we try to keep our software development process as simple and transparent as possible.

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Clear Communication

Have direct access to the experts working on your project

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Regular Updates

Receive consistent updates on the progress of your milestones.

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Bite-Sized Milestones

Never get overwhelmed by large or complex task milestones.

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Iterative Development

Trust in agile Scrum project management methodologies to keep things simple.

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Open Feedback

Receive clear and unbiased feedback on milestones and potential adjustments.

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Versatile Support

Get flexible and professional support before, during, and after project launch.

  1. Concept


    The first step to a good piece of software is a thorough conception process. During this stage, we work directly with you and your team to understand critical project elements and outline a basic plan to ensure that the final product is a success:

    • Product Discovery
    • Identify Business Goals
    • Define Critical Features
    • Identify the Team
    • Outline Milestones
    • Develop a Deployment Plan

    Once we have a solid framework for your software project, we'll begin designing the app.

  2. Design


    Great design makes a great first impression. Using the direction and framework that we gained in the Concept phase, our expert engineers and app designers will begin designing the look and feel of your software project:

    • Wireframing
    • Architecture
    • User Interface Design

    A stunning app design and user-friendly interface give your users the experience that they expect with a visual impact that they love.

  3. Development


    Once the design has been established for your software, our expert engineers will begin the process of bringing it to life through code. Throughout this process, we use leading edge software development technologies to work within 'real world' expectations to ensure that your software functions perfectly in real, user situations:

    • Mobile Development
    • Full-Stack Development
    • Backend Design (API) & Development
    • Third-Party Integration
    • Analytics Integration
    • User Documentation

    This phase tends to take the most time, but we are committed to regular bi-weekly updates with bite-sized milestones, so you know exactly where you stand at every stage of the process.

  4. Testing


    Testing is a fundamental element in all software development because it avoids potential bugs and optimizes the experience for the end-user from the very beginning. To ensure that your software is perfectly attuned to your user's needs, we conduct QA testing and a variety of functionality, technical, and user-based tests throughout the entire project process:

    • Functional & Non-Functional Testing
    • API & Backend Testing
    • Mobile Apps Testing
    • Testing Automation Services

    Once your software has been thoroughly and exhaustively tested, we'll begin working on a launch plan.

  5. Launch


    Launching a new piece of enterprise software is so much more than just flipping the switch and watching what happens. Smart analytics and a structured launch plan can ensure that your public software launch goes well, and you can further optimize your software:

    • Soft Launch
    • Communication Plan
    • Training
    • Sales Team Buy-In
    • Deploy

    Once your software is launched, we continue to collect relevant user data and analytics to optimize the user experience in the future.

  6. Support


    After the public launch of your new software, things are far from over. Next comes the general support and maintenance of the software to ensure that it remains bug-free and operational. Depend on built-in analytics and end-user feedback to best support the functionality and value of your software through:

    • Feature Improvement
    • Feature Additions
    • Application Production Support
    • Application Management

    Great software can change the world, and we intend to make sure that your software is innovative, actionable, and fully supported throughout its lifecycle.