How Blink22 Earned #1 Mobile App Developer in Egypt | Clutch Reviews
How Blink22 Earned #1 Mobile App Developer in Egypt | Clutch Reviews

How Blink22 Earned the #1 Spot for Mobile App Development with Clutch

Have you ever been given recognition for a job well done, without even realizing it because you've been working so hard?

That's a bit what it felt like to be named a top B2B service provider by Clutch this past week.

Clutch, a review-based directory of quality service providers, recently released its 2020 report announcing key B2B leaders in the Middle East region. Blink22 was among the businesses selected as the best of the best in their specialty.

"Their reviews unanimously speak to a level of commitment and attention to detail that is virtually unprecedented." - Customer Experience Analyst Marcos Soto

This recognition is such an incredible honor for our entire company. But, the credit ultimately goes to our hardworking team for their unwavering dedication to technological advancement and great customer service.

A Much-Needed Morale Boost

Like many other small businesses right now, we could use a little morale boost. So, this achievement couldn't have come at a better time.

Our entire team, made up of over 50+ engineers who happen to be either parents and students, has been working tirelessly to develop innovative software and deliver top-notch service before, during, and after project deployment.

That's a pretty tall order!

The ranking of #1 for mobile app development in Egypt marks eight months of hard work, most of which was accomplished while homeschooling our kids and learning how to work from home effectively.

Top Mobile App Development Companies in Egypt from Clutch

Knowing that all of that work has been seen and appreciated is just the kind of motivation we needed to give us a second wind, even when things are tough.

Embracing A Full Transparency Mindset

In addition to this new motivation, we thrive on an open and transparent mindset that applies to everything we do, both internal and client-facing.

That means that we work hard to keep everyone involved and in the know to avoid any missteps during the project, like:

  • Dedicated PMs & account managers. 
  • Deep-dive project discovery and conception.
  • Regular project debriefing.

Projects that Inspired Growth

Over the last year, we've been fortunate to have executed several projects that pushed our technical comfort boundaries and helped us bring more innovative solutions to the table.

Here are just a handful of those unique projects that helped us grow:

Careem Bus, A Ride Share App
To help riders get from point A to B quickly and safely, we worked with Careem Bus to create a mobile ride-sharing app that makes transportation easy, affordable, and accessible from the palm of their hand.

"They felt like part of our team." - Head of Product at Careem Bus

Mobile App Development Testimonial from Careem Bus

KhataBook, A Digital Lending App
To help local small businesses manage their credit and finances, we worked with KhataBook to create a robust iOS version of their digital ledger application that eliminates manual bookkeeping and gives business owners their time back.

"Their developers are really proficient and know their tea in and out." - Product Manager at KhataBook

Mobile App Development Testimonial from KhataBook

Health and Fitness Management App
To help clients in the health and fitness industry better manage their client progress and improve customer lifetime value, we developed a robust two-pronged application that features both a web-based trainer portal and a client-facing mobile app.

Building An Ever-Evolving Tech Stack

As a direct result of our recent project portfolio, the team at Blink22 has been able to continuously add new and innovative technologies to our toolkit.

We maintain two strong specialized teams for both Web and Mobile capabilities using the following leading edge technologies:

  • React Native (TypeScript)
  • Native Android (Kotlin)
  • Native iOS (Swift)
  • Serverless apps using AWS and Firebase
  • Rails
  • Node.js
  • Frontend frameworks like ReactJS and Angular.js

Testing and Debugging

In addition, we’re experienced in implementing a solid testing pipeline and configuring CI & CD environments depending on CircleCI, Fastlane, and Firebase Test Lab.

In essence, we take a platform-agnostic approach to software development, which allows us to provide the best solution to any problem, no matter what tech stack is in play.

We are always adding new technologies to our repertoire that will help us build applications more efficiently and satisfy our clients business needs.

Embracing the Future of Software

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to Clutch for the recognition, our clients for their trust, and our team for their unwavering dedication.Going forward, we will continue to be staunchly dedicated to developing smart software for smart businesses.

What does that mean for you?

It means that there has never been a better time to augment your operational efficiency with custom-built software.

If you're curious about how software could impact your business, reach out to chat with a specialist today. Or, if you're interested in learning more about the types of technology we develop and how that tech impacts businesses worldwide, subscribe to receive our content in your inbox:

Yehia Ezzat

Yehia Ezzat

Product Manager

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